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Soros Reveals Global Elites' Plan To Make China The Leader Of The New World Order 1960

It sounds like something that should not be, but it’s real. George Soros said that according to the global elites’ plan, China has to become the new World leader and lead the New World Order, “creating it and owning it,” like America “owns the current order.” It is really weird to hear from the western globalist about bringing China to the total World leadership. Soros spoke out during an interview with the Financial Times. “I think this would be the time because you really need to bring China into the creation of a new world order — financial world order,” said Soros....

The US plans to get involved in another war if Ukraine goes to the attack on the DPR 1236

The mobilization of Ukrainian troops near the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) borders has forced the United States to consider engaging in yet another war overseas. Naively assuming that Russian troops intend to go to war with Ukraine, Joe Biden is considering the possibility of increasing military tension by sending several warships to the Black Sea (the Black Sea washes the shores of Ukraine, Crimea and Turkey). The United States wants to side with Ukraine in this conflict, intending to help bring back the arbitrary detached east, including the DPR and LPR. "The Unit...

US Democracy Is Sinking To The Bottom Of Global Ranking For Freedom 1342

A new report Freedom House, presented new indicators of the countries of the world in terms of freedom, in which the United States fell by 11 points. Experts cite racial segregation and ostentatious struggle against racism as reasons for this steady decline. Also one of the main factors is the financial abyss between different social classes. “The problems that came to a head in January had been accumulating for years. Freedom House has been tracking a gradual decline in respect for political rights and civil liberties in the United States over the past decade. The dete...

A body found on a bus stop in NYC after a 911 call
A body found on a bus stop in NYC after a 911 call 121

A dead body found on an MTA bus stop in New York City after a 911 call. NYPD officers responded to the 170th Street and Jamaica at about 8 p.m. Saturday and discovered an unconscious body of an 81-year-old man. The individual reportedly had no apparent trauma to his body. The man was pronounced dead at the scene. The grim discovery was made after someone called 911 to report of a body on the Q56 bus. The medical examiner's office will conduct an autopsy to determine his cause of death. The man's name has not been released.

Car crashed into a Miami church leaving a really big mess behind
Car crashed into a Miami church leaving a really big mess behind 114

A car slammed into a Northeast Miami church, badly damaging the building. The vehicle left a mess after crashing into the church on Northeast 147th Street and Dixie Highway around 8 p.m. Saturday. Miami-Dade police officers and Miami-Dade Fire Rescue responded to the church. They found a red Toyota Camry lodged inside. No one in the church was reportedly injured. Authorities have yet to release the name of the car’s driver or say whether they will be facing any charges.

Six people injured in a reported shooting at Park City Center of Lancaster
Six people injured in a reported shooting at Park City Center of Lancaster 121

At least 6 people were injured in a reported shooting at the Park City Center in Pennsylvania. The gunfire reportedly erupted inside the Park City center in Lancaster following a dispute near a food store on Sunday afternoon. Several ambulances were called to the scene at about 2:26 p.m. ET. Active shooter at park city mall in Lancaster — EA (@_Uncle_E) October 17, 2021 Police said, the situation was under control by 3 p.m. ET. The disturbing videos from the scene show the people are trying to escape the mall after the shots rang. My mom was at the mall shoppin...