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Julian Assange wins US extradition case: the US Will Not Kill Him 227

The main exposer of US war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan, Julian Assange, will not be extradited to the US, the judge ruled. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was accused by the US government of hacking and leaking classified information that contained tons of evidence against the United States. For years, enraged US intelligence has tried to remove or extradite Assange, but today's trial has thwarted attempts by US intelligence agencies to get to the journalist. Following the announcement of District Judge Vanessa Baraitser's decision, Assange's colleagues and allies...

Nearly 2 Million Chinese Communists In Leadership Positions In The US Government And Western Firms 500

The entire strategy of building true Democracy is entirely dictated by the Chinese Communist Party. A recent database leak revealed 1.95 million Communist Party members across all industries and even governments, including the United States. “Communist party branches have been set up inside western companies, allowing the infiltration of those companies by CCP members – who, if called on, are answerable directly to the communist party, to the Chairman, the president himself,” Sharri Markson of SkyNews said. The report showed massive communist infiltration in Western fi...

46 States Filed Class Action Lawsuit Against Facebook Accusing Of Violating Antitrust Laws 612

One of the top IT monopolies, Facebook faces accusations from 46 states of market abuse and suppression of any competition. The prosecution is chaired by a committee of attorneys general from California, Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee and the District of Columbia, with New York Attorney General Letitia James. Only South Dakota, South Carolina, Alabama and Georgia dropped their claims against the IT giant. With the growing influence on the market of the Internet space, Facebook began to conduct an extremely aggressive policy towards sm...

A gang of 12 Blacks attacked a man with a knife and stole his clothes
A gang of 12 Blacks attacked a man with a knife and stole his clothes 70

New York police have put 12 Blacks on the wanted list for attacking a man in Chinatown. According to official information, the victim received multiple stab wounds, and all his personal belongings, including shoes, clothes and underwear were stolen. “Group of criminals attack 26-year-old man in Manhattan & strip him of his cell phone, pants, underwear & shoes,” NYPD reported.   WANTED: Group of criminals attack 26-year-old man in Manhattan & strip him of his cell phone, pants, underwear & shoes; call NYPD if you can ID the suspects

Anti-LGBT Church in California Was Bombed
Anti-LGBT Church in California Was Bombed 64

The El Monte Police Department is investigating the bombing of First Works Baptist Church early this morning. According to preliminary information, there are no casualties. Local authorities received reports of a fire in the church at around 4:30 am. FBI officers and agents who arrived at the scene confirmed that an unknown explosive device was the cause of the fire and the broken windows. UPDATE: Someone threw a bomb at the First Works Baptist Church in El Monte. It’s currently on fire right now. #keepelmontefriendly — Jay Tea (@Josh_TheBoss2...

National Guard Corporal Charged After He Pissed Pelosi’s Toilet
National Guard Corporal Charged After He Pissed Pelosi’s Toilet 78

The Virginia National Guard corporal was arrested and charged after the FBI found his private texting with a friend. The feds highlighted three videos in which off-duty Rocky Mount Police Officer Jacob Fracker brags about peeing in Nancy Pelosi's toilet. “Turning the camera towards himself, Fracker hits his chest multiple times,” the FBI warrant application describes Fracker’s actions in video. “Fracker tells his Facebook friend, ‘Shit was wild lol I pissed in Nancy P’s toilet.’” In the other two clips, Fracker storms the Capitol with a crowd of other people. The feds...