URGENT VIDEO! Five Doctors Agreed That COVID-19 Vaccine Is Not Vaccine But "BIOWEAPON" And Give The Alert
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URGENT VIDEO! Five Doctors Agreed That COVID-19 Vaccine Is Not Vaccine But "BIOWEAPON" And Give The Alert


Not to spread conspiracy but five U.S Doctors, highly qualified to speak about the COVID and the vaccine, discussed the issues of the vaccine revealing that the COVID-19 vaccines have nothing to do with the COVID-19 itself.

During the ZOOM round-table discussion in April, five doctors discussed what is happening around the vaccination and the impact it has on the people who received the jabs. The talk didn’t particularly touch on the number of people who died after being vaccinated but dived deeply into the effects of the vaccine.

Each of the five doctors shares the same opinion that the shots are not vaccines, but bioweapons designed to program and kill human beings. According to Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, the patients don’t get any immunity from these shots. It was important to point out the transmission between the people who have been vaccinated and those who haven’t. 

One of the topics the doctors raised was how the shots impact women’s health. The women who received the shots suffer from menstruation issues and problems with fertility.

“We’re getting reports from thousands of women around the world. Women are bleeding for weeks, some of them are not getting their period, menopausal women are bleeding, some people are passing large clots, women pregnancy delivering clots, women experience miscarriages,” Dr. Maureen McDonnell said at the discussion.           

Citing the reports from thousands of people around the world who have not been vaccinated suffering negative side effects from the vaccine, Dr. Christiane Northrup said she is convinced that “something is being produced by the body” of those who have been vaccinated. That is why it could be dangerous at some point for the not vaccinated to be around the “fully vaccinated” people.

In the video released last month, the doctors also give practical advice about what people can be doing right now to protect themselves and stop this attack on the human race by the Globalists wanting to reduce the world’s population. 


Author: Usa Really