Kentucky Facing Drug Overdose Records
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Kentucky Facing Drug Overdose Records

815 Clark

FRANKFORT – August 8, 2018

When the statistics on drug use last year was published, it became clear that the state of Kentucky is now facing one of the worst periods of its history in terms of drugs overdose, local media reports.

More people died of fatal drug overdoses in 2017 in Nelson County than in the two preceding years combined.

The state reported 19 people died of fatal overdoses in the county last year. That is the highest number since the state Office of Drug Control Policy started issuing its annual Overdose Fatality Report, which tracks fatal overdoses statewide.

The northern and eastern counties of Kentucky once again were the highest in fatal overdoses per capita, as those regions struggled with an entrenched opioid addiction epidemic. While lower than the worst parts of the state, Nelson County’s rate was above the state’s average.

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