California Beach TikTok Party Ended With 149 Arrests
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California Beach TikTok Party Ended With 149 Arrests


More than 2.5 thousand people followed the invitation to a beach party in Huntington Beach, but the police were strongly against such a crowd during the curfew and did their best to disperse the crowd.

The Huntington Beach Police did not hesitate to use tear gas and rubber bullets to tame partygoers. Heavily armed officers cordoned off the streets and moved steadily, clearing the area and arresting the most violent curfew violators.

There was a real madness in the streets that evening. Thousands of party-hungry crowds filled the streets. The most brutal climbed on cars and vans.

The most overwhelming moment was when an unidentified person jumped into the crowd from a bridge. Now nothing is known about his condition.

The same person was also seen hanging from a palm tree and drinking alcoholic beverages.

According to CBS Los Angeles, 149 people were arrested and an emergency curfew was instated from 11:30 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. Sunday morning. Of those arrested, 121 were adults and 28 were juveniles.

No one was reportedly injured during the party. Minor damage was done to several police vehicles, local shops and lifeguard towers.

Author: Usa Really