Biden intends to return 700 000 illegals deported by Trump with taxpayer money
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Biden intends to return 700 000 illegals deported by Trump with taxpayer money


Biden plans to throw away hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars to bring back criminals who were deported during Donald Trump's presidency.

The National Immigrant Justice Center is urging Biden to create a “centralized Department of Homeland Security office” to approve return requests from deportees, according to The Associated Press.

According to Nayna Gupta, a policy adviser at the National Immigrant Justice Center, migrants deported from the United States should have a second chance.

“We have deported hundreds of thousands of individuals, and to do that and not even have an effective safety valve to review bad decisions violates due process,” Gupta said.

Such statements would have taken place if it had not again placed a burden on the Americans, who must pay for the return of convicted criminals back to American communities.

If we turn to the experience and immigration policy of European countries, then their immigration laws are much stricter and before settling in a new country, you need to prove your usefulness to society.

For the liberals sitting in the White House, the main thing is that illegal immigrants are not Americans, but fuel for future elections, who, in a fit of gratitude, will vote for Democrats, not Republicans.

Moreover, blue state governments are happy to meet the requirements to defund the police and at the same time surround their own estates with private security, just because the safety of the people is a matter of the people themselves. In addition, Democrats are pushing to disarm law-abiding Americans by helping cartels smuggle tons of drugs and weapons into the southern states.

By comparison, the United States has spent more than $ 130 billion on supporting 14 million illegal immigrants, and the recent plan of the Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, calls for a cost of $ 1 billion for 151,000 homeless people.

Simple calculations show that the government allocates $ 6,600 for each homeless Californian, while $ 9,100 has already been allocated for each illegal.

Image: Fibonacci Blue / Flickr

Author: Usa Really