Did Biden take a teleprompter to talk to Putin
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Did Biden take a teleprompter to talk to Putin


The first "hike" of US President Joe Biden outside the United States could turn into another failure or even a series of failures. While Biden travels to Europe to discuss important issues with world leaders, many wonder if Biden took a teleprompter to speak with Putin.

All of Joe Biden's public appearances were carried out only thanks to the prepared speech and prompts on the teleprompter. In addition, US Vice President Kamala Harris conducted all phone calls from the White House to Europe.

Joe Biden is reportedly to be in Europe for 8 days, where the most exciting event will be a face-to-face meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. When Putin was first invited to speak in person, Biden replied that he was "quite busy".

No one expects the talks between Putin and Biden will lead to a "progress", and the main reason is Biden's bias towards the Russian government.

Earlier, Joe Biden directly called Putin a "killer", although no one has ever heard such accusations from the President of Russia. Moreover, Vladimir Putin has always positioned relations between leaders of other countries as partnerships.

The United States continues to unfoundedly blame Russia for all the troubles. To date, no evidence of Russia's involvement in hacker attacks on US private and government companies has been provided.

The endless stream of sanctions against Russia and China in recent years has only exacerbated tensions between the West and the East. All calls to negotiate and take into account all the attendant factors were ignored by the United States.

Vladimir Putin bluntly stated that he did not expect any "breakthroughs" at the meeting with Biden, nevertheless strategic stability, disarmament, ecology and the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as conflicts in flashpoint cities, will be on the agenda.

Image: / Prt Scr / CNBC Television

Author: Usa Really