US intelligence agencies suspected of sabotaging JBS and Colonial Pipeline
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US intelligence agencies suspected of sabotaging JBS and Colonial Pipeline


The suspicious hacker attacks on America's largest food and oil companies were initially used by dimwitted politicians to blame Russia, but now that the FBI has made no effort to return the ransom, it is clear that the attack was carried out from within.

Colonial Pipeline in Texas reported a hacker attack and the company was “forced” to suspend gas supplies across the US southern coast, causing soaring prices and long queues at gas stations.

24 hours later, after the ransom was paid in bitcoins to the alleged blackmailers, the FBI announced that it had returned the full amount upon finding them in an unsecured account in California.

“What’s even more puzzling than the location is the fact that the so-called sophisticated hacking group didn’t even realize that Bitcoin held in a custodial type exchange is not really owned by them. This fact is well known to even amateur Bitcoin users and investors who almost always use personal wallets they control, not custodial accounts on exchanges to hold their Bitcoins. Yet somehow, these hackers which were able to bring down entire critical infrastructures were unaware of that fact,” предположил Tyler S. Farley of The Culture Chronicle.

The FBI and other American intelligence agencies consider ordinary observers to be very dumb, naively assuming that no one will notice how millions of dollars are returned. Nobody apologized to Russia either.

It was also revealed today that JBS, whose meat supply was also disrupted, announced that they had paid $ 11 million to a hacker group that hacked into their infrastructure.

"This was a very difficult decision to make for our company and for me personally," said JBS chief executive Andre Nogueira.

According to early White House statements, the cyber attack on JBS was also sanctioned by Russia. This theory fell apart again as no evidence was presented to the public.

Image: hans-juergen / Flickr

Author: Usa Really