Virginia man offload 80 000 pennies on ex-wife lawn as final child support payment
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Virginia man offload 80 000 pennies on ex-wife lawn as final child support payment


The man's daughter witnessed her father making the last child support payment. Her father arrived in a rented trailer with a pile of coins and in hatred threw them on the front lawn and then left.

"I just turned 18. When I was in the middle of class, my dad came by. He had rented a trailer," Avery Sanford was quoted as saying by WTVR.


According to the Deep Run High School senior, her father "pulled up in front of the house and turned the trailer on so it dumped out all the pennies on the grass and my mom came out and was like, 'What are you dumping in my yard?' She didn't know who it was until he shouted, 'It's your final child support payment.'"

Two daughters and a mother shoveled coins into buckets and containers for several hours to clear the lawn.

According to the teens, their father was not interested in communicating with children and explained his act by the fact that it “was a result of 18 years of built-up frustration and that his emotions got the best of him,” according to WTVR.

The family that received the money not in the form in which they expected, reported the man to the police, and donated the money to Safe Harbor, an organization that supports domestic abuse, sexual violence and human trafficking victims.

A similar incident took place in Georgia in March this year. In this case, a conflict arose between the employer and the former employee. As a result, the employer dumped more than 91 thousand pennies on the lawn.

Image: Prt Scr - KSL NewsRadio

Author: Usa Really