Florida post office was visited by 7-foot alligator
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Florida post office was visited by 7-foot alligator


An ordinary post office in Hernando County almost turned into a terrarium, as first a 7-foot growling alligator settled in the lobby, and then one of the visitors was horrified and shocked by who needed to queue up for a package.

The incident took place at the post office in Spring Hill.

Sheriff's office reported that deputies responded to the U.S Post Office facility located at 8501 Philatelic Road on Wednesday morning.

“The alligator was observed by a patron who came to the post office to mail a package. This post office location features automatic double doors that allow entrance into the lobby,” Hernando County Sheriff's Office said on Facebook post.

The authorities also called an expert on catching large reptiles to the scene, who evacuated the predator to its natural habitat.

Author: Usa Really