G7 members are hypocrites spitting on Covid requirements
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G7 members are hypocrites spitting on Covid requirements


The hypocritical leaders of the countries participating in the international G7 summit have once again shown that it is important to create the appearance of compliance with WHO requirements during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The ceremony of global deception opened with a collective photo of all the leaders who had locked the population of their countries under house arrest. Citizens of countries whose leaders visited the G7 are required to wear masks, avoid mass events under the threat of a fine or a prison sentence, while the "people's chosen ones" cutely hug and walk without masks.

In the video below, French President Emanuel Macron, who was recently slapped, and the US President are having a nice conversation, literally half a meter from each other.

The photographers' lenses also caught the fact that the attendants of this event also do not wear masks. The guards wear masks the next but one, and if everyone was vaccinated, then why are masks needed at all? A lot of questions will remain unanswered.

Image: Prt Scr / DW News

Author: Usa Really