300 employees of green energy factory to be fired due to Biden's tax policy
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300 employees of green energy factory to be fired due to Biden's tax policy


Following the destruction of the Keystone XL pipeline, Joe Biden began a progressive on the entire US green energy industry.

According to a worker at a wind turbine factory in Aberdeen, South Dakota, he and his 300 colleagues will lose their jobs due to the factory closure in August.Brian Dockter, a nondestructive testing technician at a Molded Fiber Glass Companies (MFG) factory, called Biden hypocritical for claiming to support green energy jobs while implementing policies that led to him losing his job, according to Daily Caller.

“Starting 2022, the tax credit will phase out for wind energy and that has something to do with [Biden’s] production tax credit for wind and fossil fuels,” Dockter said.

The company announced earlier this month that despite the closure of its South Dakota factory, some of its products will continue to be manufactured elsewhere.

“In addition to blades the company manufactures wind turbine nacelles and spare parts at facilities in Texas and Alabama. It also provides field and factory maintenance and repair services for wind blades. These businesses will not be negatively impacted by the South Dakota facility closure,” said in a press release.

Also, the company management will cooperate with the union in order to help 300 workers after layoffs.

White House Climate Czar John Kerry has come under criticism for promoting solar panels with particular zeal, and at the same time burying wind generators in the grave.

“Why doesn’t [Kerry] pick a different profession? If anybody should lose a job it should be him and his cronies and Biden,” Dockter told Fox News. “Biden is such a dumb bastard he just doesn’t get anything.”

Brian Dockter did a short interview with Fox News.


Image: Fermion / Flickr

Author: Usa Really