A Georgian waitress hailed as a hero after pulling a woman from a burning car
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A Georgian waitress hailed as a hero after pulling a woman from a burning car


A Georgian waitress is being hailed as a hero after she pulled a woman from a burning car in the middle of the night.

Thursday at about 9:30 p.m., Keelyn Harper on her way home on Rooster Drive In when she spotted a vehicle on the side of the road engulfed in flames. Harper immediately pulled over and instinctually ran toward the car.

Later she confessed that she didn’t realize that it was a car burning until she approached.

“From far away it looked like someone had thrown something out in the bushes that caught on fire,” she said. “I didn’t know it was a car until I stopped.”

She said the smoke was seeping through the vents into the car. Harper pulled back what remained of the burnt out airbag and found Ashley Strawn. Not losing much of the time, Harper rushed to rescued the woman.

“She was bleeding really, really bad on her head,” Harper recalled. 

The woman’s legs were trapped, she added, and her “whole body was laying over to the side.” Harper ran to the passenger side of the car, opened the door, grabbed Strawn underneath her arms and started pulling as the fire was getting progressively worse.

She managed to pull the woman from the car and he her in her arms until the responders arrived.

“I was propped up on some kind of a tree almost next to [the] car, and I had her in between my legs and I just I told her it was going to be OK,” Harper said.

Strawn is recovering in the hospital and is sending her thanks to harper from her hospital bed.

“Thank you for saving my life. I can’t wait to meet you,” Strawn said in a short video clip. 

Author: Usa Really