Shocking dashcam video shows two gunmen open fire at busy traffic light in Chicago
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Shocking dashcam video shows two gunmen open fire at busy traffic light in Chicago


Shocking new video shows a gunman opens fire at a busy traffic light in Chicago.

The video was filmed on dashcam of Huber Pereznegron, who found himself trapped in bumper-to-bumper traffic in Chicago’s Chatham neighborhood on Thursday. At 10:30 the terrible thing happened.

"I see one guy getting out of the backseat with a rifle," Pereznegron told WMAQ-TV. "I really didn't think too much of it, because I didn't think it was real, until the second person got out, then I saw him with another gun."

The video shows, two men get out of the car, a red Nissan Altima, in front Pereznegron’s car and open fire at another vehicle at the traffic light.

"He starts shooting and all of the sudden the magazine falls out and he stops shooting or otherwise it could have been a lot worse," Pereznegron told WBBM-TV.

Pereznegron said he and his friend, who was with him in the car, tried to take cover and “ducked” but “wanted to see.”

"All that I was thinking, hoping the other guys were not going to shoot back towards us," Pereznegro said.

Fortunately, it didn’t happen and both gunmen jumped back to their car and drove away.

The shooting set off a nearby an audio sensor alerting the cops of gunfire, the so-called ShotSpotter

No injuries were reported. Police have not made any arrests. The investigation is ongoing.

"They don't really care anymore when they go out, who sees them or what they do," Pereznegron said of criminals in Chicago. "I'm not sure what's going on through their mind. This stuff needs to stop. There was a lot of innocent people around them."

Author: Usa Really