11 People Arrested in Nebraska as Anti-immigrant Raids Continue
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11 People Arrested in Nebraska as Anti-immigrant Raids Continue

Nebraska PD

LINCOLN, NE – August 10, 2018

Officials have linked 11 people with the organization of an illegal immigration scheme and arrested them in Nebraska, local media reports.

John Charles Good, Erin Beringer, Christopher Thurlow and John Glidden were the first of more than a dozen alleged co-conspirators to appear in federal court.

Good pleaded not guilty to harboring illegal aliens and money laundering. Beringer, Thurlow and Glidden pleaded not guilty to conspiring to harbor illegal aliens.

Federal agents served search warrants Wednesday in and around the Nebraska towns of O'Neill, Ainsworth, Bartlett, Royal and Stromsburg and also in Las Vegas and Minnesota. In addition to the 17 people connected to an alleged conspiracy to exploit illegal labor, officials arrested 133 workers suspected of being in the country illegally. Three businesses also are listed in a federal indictment.

Officials described the operation as one of the largest investigations in Homeland Security's 15-year history.

However, local civil rights activists criticize the officials for brutality and support those arrested, claiming they are not guilty for the crimes they have been charged with.

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