Fake News: Pfizer Vaccine is NOT Poison
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Fake News: Pfizer Vaccine is NOT Poison


A recent discovery by Spanish medical scientists who scrutinized the Pfizer vaccine says that most of the vaccine itself is 99.99 percent superconductor known as graphene oxide.

For more than 10 years it has been used in medicine as a “delivery guy” of information into cells at the genetic level, which ultimately leads to reprogramming of DNA and a decrease in the influence of certain desease reactions.

This is the idea that all vaccine manufacturers have taken as a basis.

Then a few words about the fact that the researchers did not see traces of mRNA. They CANNOT be seen with an electron microscope.

It is a fact.

However, journalists continue to argue that due to the anomalously high ability of graphene to accept magnetic radiation and interact well with any electromagnetic waves, conspiracy theorists and anti-vaccine activists are outright excited and fear that they will be monitored through 5G towers.

Author: Usa Really