EXCLUSIVE: Seth Stephens-Davidowitz Stood Up for the Rights of Alex Jones and Denounced the Trump's Policy
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EXCLUSIVE: Seth Stephens-Davidowitz Stood Up for the Rights of Alex Jones and Denounced the Trump's Policy

USA Really

RUSSIA, MOSCOW – August 10, 2018

The Moscow Strelka Institute held an open discussion "How new technologies are changing the State". A former Google researcher of Big Data, New York Times author, author of the best-selling "Everybody Lies" Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, expert of the Russian Federation Council for the development of the information society Artem Geller, head of the representative office of the US Singularity University, member of the Expert Council under the government of the Russian Federation Evgeny Kuznetsov, Minister of the Government of Moscow, head of the Department of information technologies of Moscow Artem Ermolaev, and Academic Director of the HSE's educational program "data Journalism" Tina Berezhnaya all attended and participated in the discussion.

During the meeting, Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, a former Google researcher, gave an exclusive interview with USA Really about the industrial revolution, censorship, and Trump's policy.

In particular, Stephens-Davidowitz noted that such social networks platforms as a Facebook, Youtube, Twitter or search system Google are not always successful and legal to act when prevented people from expressing their views are.

"I think it's a huge issue we're having as a society, because, traditionally we believed we could say whatever you want and have your ideas heard. Now, I think, people all also should have a right to make an argument, even if one is ridiculous, but we don't want to grieve people if they think this is legitimate and historical in the 21st century," he said.

He used the example of Mark Zuckerberg, who "got in trouble recently when he said there are people on Facebook that say the Holocaust didn't happen, and they should be allowed to say that."

The same view he is shared about the situation with Alex Jones. As for the Trump, Stephens-Davidowitz announced that he "personally not a Trump fan", but he "think society should have a right to criticize its leaders, mock their leaders even, to make fun of their leaders, think this is important for the society and it's helped by the First Amendment, it's a core value in the USA, that you can say whatever you want about the President."

In his view, "people go on Facebook, Youtube, and Google sometimes to find out, what's going on in the society. And if you're gridded with the conspiracy theorists saying the truth, others people would have no idea, what to believe. And then they're gonna say the Moon Landing was fake, that Trump's inauguration was larger than Barack Obama's, there are people that say it, you know."

So, the international community, Facebook representatives, head of Google can condemn you, and nobody here will know what you wanted to say or what you had in mind, and I'm, afraid nothing's going to be done about except to blocking and demonizing.

As for the responsibility of reporting, using an example of Google, Youtube, and Facebook as not just platforms, but like news organizations, "we see that people use them like news organizations, then they might have the same responsibility the editors have, which is to curate what information people see, give them the truth, not crazy conspiracist theories. Like, if NY Times would publish smith like, Holocaust didn't happen, Moon Landing was fake, all kinds of nonsense, I think that'd be much worth society."

Author: USA Really