Labor Unions Initiate Protests Against Lockout in Montana
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Labor Unions Initiate Protests Against Lockout in Montana

Eli  Imadali

HELENA – August 10, 2018

A wave of protests have broken out in Montana, as Three Forks talc mill’s 35 union employees have been locked out of work for over a week, local media reports.

Thursday, Gov. Steve Bullock visited the picket line at Imerys Talc America Inc., the Three Forks mill, to show his support for the union members.

“The idea that a company would kick you out of work….” Bullock said, “It’s disappointing because that’s not what Montana is.”

A crowd of about 100 people listened to Bullock at the picket line in the 93-degree weather with picket signs in hand. The Democratic governor said he believed what the employees are asking for is fair. Bullock called the lockout a “unicorn,” since the last lockout of union employees during a negotiation in Montana was in the 1980s.

Despite the words of the governor, local labor unions are ready to the struggle for their rights.

Author: USA Really