Twitter Launches Mass Attack On New Social Platform GETTR
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Twitter Launches Mass Attack On New Social Platform GETTR


When the control of freedom of speech is under a threat, the major social media like Twitter are ready to go on the warpath.

Relatively new social platform GETTR, created by former Trump’s aide, now GETTR’s CEO Jason Miller, promises its users not to cancel them for expressing their thoughts and views. And twitter just can’t easily deal with it.

However, not everything is so good with GETTR itself. Now it turns into a simple political tool.

Twitter went too far in trying to hush the users on the platform and crosses the line in doing it legally. This is how the outrageous Twitter’s attempts at censorship were explained by Miller himself.

“Twitter saw how big and how powerful this movement behind GETTR is, how hungry people are for free speech. They saw that GETTR hit 1 million signups in three days, fastest ever social media growth in world history, and thought they better try and shut us down. But guess what, it’s not going to work,” Miller told Steve Bannon.

USAReally was also more than a few times banned by Twitter for violating some of the platform's foggy and logically hard-to-explain rules. Since the last week, USAReally joined GETTR too and the number of the news outlet's followers is increasingly growing.



Author: Usa Really