Atlanta School Abolishes Pledge of Allegiance Before Class, Says It’s Not ‘Inclusive’
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Atlanta School Abolishes Pledge of Allegiance Before Class, Says It’s Not ‘Inclusive’


ATLANTA, GA – August 10, 2018

An Atlanta elementary school announced that students will no longer have to say the Pledge of Allegiance during morning classes, and will instead recite a 'Wolf Pack Chant'.

Lara Zelski, the principal of Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School, said in a press release on Tuesday that it has become 'increasingly obvious' over the past years that more and more of the school community were not standing or reciting the pledge.

'Students will continue to lead the meeting by asking our community to stand to participate in our wolf pack chant together,' the school said.

Zelski said students who want to say the pledge will have the chance to do so later in the school day in their classroom  

The Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School, which uses the wolf as its mascot, opened in Grant Park in 2002 and serves kindergarten through fifth grade.    

Something went wrong in the most powerful state in the world of recent decades. If citizens are massively disrespectful to the symbols of statehood: the anthem, the flag, the pledge, this is a very bad sign that this state is in a deep crisis. It's like in a family; if its members cease to respect each other and demonstratively neglect common traditions then such a family is likely to break up soon.

 It should be added that freedom of choice in deciding whether to stand for the anthem, which protesters in the US like to trump, in many countries do not perceive as an argument that allows disrespectful attitude to state symbols.

In China, those who attend public events, where the national anthem is performed, are required stand up and sing it. Failure to do so can result in administrative arrest for up to 15 days.

In Japan, according to the law it is the duty of every citizen to honor the anthem by standing up. The anthem is played at all official events in schools, and school teachers who show disrespect for the anthem are regularly dismissed.

In Thailand, the national anthem is played on television and radio in the morning and evening. At this time, residents should put their Affairs and listen to the anthem standing.

In the US  the controversy surrounding the pledge has been rampant in recent months after Colin Kaepernick and several other NFL players decided to take a knee on the field as it was recited.    

But it was just a beginning. In April, a Pennsylvania school changed its policy announcing that a student does not have to stand for the pledge because of their First Amendment rights. 

'Personally, I hope every student will stand for our flag,' Bedford Area School District superintendent Allen Sell told WJAC.  

'But if they choose not to, that's their First Amendment rights and we, as school leaders, have the responsibility to respect that.'  

Last month, an 18-year-old student in Texas sued her high school after she was expelled for refusing to stand during the pledge. 

India Landry told Fox32 that she doesn't think the flag 'represents what it stands for, liberty and justice for all' and said administrators violated her rights for free speech when they kicked her out of the school.

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