EXCLUSIVE: The Author of "Everybody Lies" Tells USA Really the Whole Truth
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EXCLUSIVE: The Author of "Everybody Lies" Tells USA Really the Whole Truth


RUSSIA, MOSCOW – August 12, 2018

During an open discussion on "How new technologies are changing the State" by the Moscow Strelka Institute, Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, a former Google researcher, told USA Really that the title of his book is true, and everyone lies.

In his view, people lie to everyone and at all times, and first of all to themselves, often because they are afraid that their true intentions will come to light.

For example, he cited the actions of former CIA officer Edward Snowden who released information about the secret programs of US intelligence services in order to protect U.S. law.

"I vowed to support and defend the Constitution. I saw how the government's actions violate fundamental constitutional rights on a large scale," Snowden said that time.

Snowden still says he is confident he made the right decisions, and would be ready to repeat them.

"No matter what happens to me, we have a right to know," Snowden said regarding the data he disclosed. He added that ordinary people need to have the opportunity to make political change and protect freedom of data exchange on the Internet,  despite the inaction of congress.

However, people are naturally afraid that their information might also fall into the hands of a person or Government agent, whether it is a CIA officer or a Tech Specialist.

"So you are right that people's behavior has changed and if people thought that their secrets were not safe on one site then they would change their behavior, maybe they would go to the different site or who knows, " Stevens-Davidowitz said.

The former big data employee showcased one example of how his research works. He described a situation where a Russian authority figure claimed that there were no gay people in his city but "I found the data that confirms he was wrong,"  Stephens-Davidowitz laughed.

"There are definitely gay people in every city in the world," concluded Stevens-Davidowitz.

Stevens-Davidowitz bestselling "Everyone lies. Search engines, Big Data and the Internet know everything about you " was written in 2017. The author, who is a former Google researcher and Science specialist, conducted a study based on the science of Big Data, as well as data that the internet can provide researchers.

In his book he answers some really exciting questions: "How often do we actually have sex? Why, contrary to public opinion, did Trump won the U.S. presidential election? What do we really think of people of a different race?" According to the author of the book, sociological research and surveys are not able to answer these, and many other important questions truthfully. So Stevens-Davidowitz found a source that cannot lie, namely Big Data, to answer these and many other important questions.

Author: USA Really