The woman bet she can beat herself up and won $ 12
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The woman bet she can beat herself up and won $ 12


Two Chicago police officers had to use a stun gun on a woman who screamed and beat herself until she lost several teeth and suffered facial fractures.

The woman was identified as 33-year-old Jenny Peak.

“She dropped the crowbar and started running her head into a living room wall. Peak then began punching herself in the stomach and breasts yelling “take that, p***y,” reports Detroit Daily News.

According to police reports, she made a $ 12 bet with stepfather that she could beat herself up.

“One of the worst beatings I’ve ever seen in my twenty years on the force,” an arresting officer said.

Stepfather reportedly agreed to give Peak $ 12, but added that he would not pay medical expenses, which amounted to more than $ 4,000.

“While she was hurting herself,” the officer said. “She broke a coffee table, some Chinaware and put many holes in the walls. Her stepfather has pressed charges for felony property damage.”

Police arrested her for self-harm and destruction of private property.

Author: Usa Really