Real Hero: a good Samaritan and two police officers rescue a woman from a partially-drowned car in Florida
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Real Hero: a good Samaritan and two police officers rescue a woman from a partially-drowned car in Florida


This is what we all should see more often these days. Real heroes, they do exist.

A good Samaritan and police officers rescued a woman from a partially-submerged car in Florida, the dramatic video released by the police department shows the joint efforts of saving somebody’s life together.

It happened in Melbourne, Florida, on early Tuesday. Although it is still unclear how the woman in the car ended up in the water, police said that the woman was one step in her grave when the help arrived.

The vehicle plunged into the water near the Eau Gallie Causeway. The woman was unconscious as the driver’s side was completely underwater.

The good Samaritan, whose name was not released, was the first to make his way inside the car. The video shows the moment, the man asks the police officer, as he is holding the woman’s head above water, “Can you get this glass bro? I don’t care if it cuts me, she is going to die, break the glass, break the glass!"

The officer puts on the gloves and peels away the remains of the glass from the driver’s side.

"You good?" the officer asks. "You can drag her out, keep her head above.

When the woman is outside the car, two officers bring her on the flat ground and immediately start performing CPR while the paramedics are on the way. The good Samaritan is seen standing near and gasping for breath.

A police officer can be heard screaming at someone to bring over an automated external defibrillator.

"The driver had no pulse, and was not breathing," the Melbourne Police Department said in a statement, adding that Officers Peter Dolci and Luke Dummer began CPR "until Fire Rescue arrived and took over life-saving measures."

The woman is now reported to be in stable condition and breathing on her own.

The police are investigating the incident to determine how the car ended up in the water.

"He did a great job. He kept his cool," Dolci told the station when asked about the good Samaritan’s rescue efforts.

Author: Usa Really