Memphis woman arrested with 36 pounds of edible marijuana disguised as candies
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Memphis woman arrested with 36 pounds of edible marijuana disguised as candies


A Memphis woman was arrested in Mississippi after Clinton police seized 36 pounds of edible marijuana from her car.

31-year-old Monet Shields was stopped by police officers for a traffic violation on Tuesday morning. Inside her 2017 Dodge Challenger, the officers found marijuana packaged to look like candies such as Skittles, Cheetos, Jolly Rancher Gummies, and Stoner Patch Dummies.

In all, 3419 packages of the edible weeds were confiscated.

“There is enough evidence to say her end destination was a hotel in Clinton, and she was looking to sell those products last night,” said Clinton Police Chief Ford Hayman. “Fortunately, we were able to get this load of marijuana edibles off the street before she had a chance to sell it.”

Hayman and Clinton Mayor Phil Fisher warned the parents of the possible hazard for their children who might not be able to defer marijuana from the real candies.

“I have grandchildren, young grandchildren, and they eat candy like this, and you can’t tell me that is not Skittles just as it is at the convenience store and if you are someone like me. I don’t know what color the Skittles bag is,” said Fisher. “So, if someone walked up and handed this to me unless I smelled it, I would not have known the difference.”

Chief Hayman said he believed that the fake candies were going to be sold for $20 a bag. The investigation is ongoing and police said it could lead to more arrests in the area.

Author: Usa Really