Biden's lunacy attack promises to reduce inflation with a weird strategy
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Biden's lunacy attack promises to reduce inflation with a weird strategy


It becomes obvious that a person who, for almost 50 years of his political career, has not been able to bring anything useful to the United States, will be able to do even worse in the next 4 years.

“Spending money we don't have will lead to printing more money which will lead to more inflation,” says common sense and the vast majority of viewers of Biden's speech.

Joe Biden's speech in Cincinnati undermined the president's credibility, confirming that the current government does not understand a damn thing about economics.

"No. Look, here's the deal. Moody's today went out — Wall Street firm, not some liberal think-tank — said if we pass the other two things I'm trying to get done, we will, in fact, reduce inflation. Reduce inflation. Reduce inflation, because we're going to be providing good opportunities and jobs for people who, in fact, are going to be reinvesting that money back in all the things we're talking about, driving down prices, not raising prices. And so it is — I sincerely mean this. Prices are up now, and they're up— for example, you're in a position where you're trying to build a house, try to find 2x4s and lumber. Well, guess what? Well, people stopped working, cutting lumber, they stopped doing it because unemployment was so down. Now all of a sudden there's this need because people are coming back, and guess what? Instead of paying 10 cents, you're paying 20. You understand what I'm saying?"


The essence of Biden's speech is that he continues to defend his policy of containing the economy. The economy is crumbling in proportion to the growing number of unemployed in the US, who are very comfortable living on stimulus checks and do not plan to go to work until the offered salary exceeds the already good unemployment benefit.


Author: Usa Really