80 fully vaccinated people died of Covid in Massachusetts
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80 fully vaccinated people died of Covid in Massachusetts


Massachusetts is now showing extremely alarming statistics in the war against the pandemic and the total American distrust of the vaccine.

More than 5,100 Massachusetts residents have tested positive for COVID-19, despite being fully vaccinated against the virus, and at least 80 of them have died, state health officials said Tuesday night.

Despite the unimaginably high death rates, a number of medical experts and epidemiologists tend to ignore the numbers and persuade Americans to get jabs.

“As of July 17, a total of 5,166 breakthrough cases had been reported to the state DPH. Of those, 272 people were hospitalized and survived. Of the 80 people who died, 23 died without being hospitalized; 57 died following a hospital stay,” NBC Boston reported.

Tufts Medical Center epidemiologist Dr. Shira Doron, began to persuade people to get vaccinated because outbreaks of the virus are localized.

"What hasn't changed is that the vaccine is preventing severe disease and death," Doron said.

"You have a small but larger than the gamble you're taking with the vaccine the chance of ending up in the hospital, in an ICU on a ventilator or potentially dead," she said.

The death toll reflects 1.54% of the 5,166 confirmed breakthrough cases and 0.0018% of the 4,307,361 Bay State residents fully vaccinated as of July 20.

image: Puddin Tain / Flickr

Author: Usa Really