Indiana Man Accidentally Feeds His Son Crystal-Meth for Breakfast
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Indiana Man Accidentally Feeds His Son Crystal-Meth for Breakfast



Prosecutors are hoping to put a man in prison for 50 years after his young son died from accidentally ingesting crystal meth.

According to the court data, Curtis Collman will be charged with the death of his 8-year-old son, Curtis, Jr. On June 21, the boy came to his father and asked for breakfast, and his father proceeded to pour him a bowl of what he believed to be breakfast cereal.

In reality however, the boy was consuming crystal meth. By the time he was done, Curtis had consumed 180 times the lethal limit.

"Just your worst nightmare as a parent," Jackson County chief deputy prosecutor Jeffrey Chalfant said.

The boy's father then allegedly threatened a female friend at gunpoint when she begged him to call 911 for help. Prosecutors said he even stopped his own parents from getting help for the boy, who was having seizures and convulsing.

"An 8-year-old child more than likely suffered for many hours," detective Tom Barker said. "It upsets you."

The boy died at the scene.

In addition to murder charges, Collman will be charged with possession of weapons and drugs. Prosecutors have also not excluded the possibility of charging him with as a sex offender.

Investigators said the elder Collman's previous record includes charges for trafficking and sexual misconduct with a minor. He was also once arrested by police after a high-speed chase.

The suspect pleads not guilty and is seeking to have his bond reduced to await trial at home, but prosecutors say they're going to fight to keep him behind bars.

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