The Biden family will be forced to reveal all their financial secrets
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The Biden family will be forced to reveal all their financial secrets


Florida Congressman Rep. Michael Waltz intends to bring the Biden family's gray money laundering schemes out.

Rep. Michael Waltz told Fox News Tuesday his legislation, the Preventing Anonymous Income by Necessitating Transparency of Executive Relatives (PAINTER) Act, is a bid to stop “the obvious and shameless grift that’s going on with Hunter Biden’s art sales, for which he is obviously not qualified to do and is only doing to continue to profit off of his family name.”

The catalyst for everything that happened was that his daddy ordered to hide all buyers of his son's paintings. And later, one of the buyers was exposed to ties with China.

Ordinary Americans have identified the connection in the fact that the government structure is protecting some kind of drug addict-artist. And this connection lies in the fact that the sale of Hunter Biden's paintings is an ordinary purchase of the loyalty of the White House and Biden, with a bonus that can be hung on the wall in the garage.

"I’m introducing the PAINTER Act in the House that calls for much needed transparency from the White House. The public deserves to know who is buying Hunter Biden’s paintings and why."

Image: New America / Flickr

Author: Usa Really