US Holds Hearings to Require Private Companies to Condemn Their Own Consumers
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US Holds Hearings to Require Private Companies to Condemn Their Own Consumers


A Senate hearing on Tuesday turned into an attempt by the American government not only to devalue the shares of super-profitable companies, but, literally, to turn Chinese consumers away from American products.

After the very first question, it became obvious that Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) explicitly urges Coca-Cola to commit financial suicide.

Paul Lalli, Coca-Cola’s Global Vice President for Human Rights met face-to-face with a senator who weaves a political bias in doing business. A bizarre way to divest the assets of American companies that sponsor the Beijing Winter Olympics.

“Under questioning from Senator Merkley, and Representative McGovern, and Representative Chris Smith, every single one of you refused to say a single word by all appearances that will cost you one bit of market share inside of mainland China. Mr. Lalli, for instance, you were asked if Coca Cola would call for the IOC, to delay the Chinese Olympics to give a chance for them to be rebid or for China to stop its genocide against its own people and you said that Coca Cola quote, I think is your exact words, quote, ‘doesn’t have a say,’ end quote. So, can you tell me why Coca Cola doesn’t have a say in whether it’s sponsors the genocide Olympics next year, but it does have a say and how the state of Georgia runs its election laws?”

“Senator, what I stated was that we do not have a say in the selection of the host city, nor on whether an Olympics is postponed or relocated,” Lalli responded.

Lalli was questioned along with representatives from Visa, Airbnb, Intel and Proctor & Gamble during a hearing on American corporations sponsoring the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

Paul Lally's questioning was more like a demand to leave the Chinese market than a constructive conversation.

Author: Usa Really