FEMA Is Secretly Preparing to Evacuate California
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FEMA Is Secretly Preparing to Evacuate California


CALIFORNIA – May 27, 2018

Over the past few days, the situation with the Hawaiian volcano Kilauea was relatively stable: the volcano no longer exploded, the island did not collapse in half and the ocean in areas did not boil.

As a result, the mass media lost interest in the volcano and, by and large, only independent volcanologists and USGS still follow it.

The European space Agency, USGS are watching the situation silently and from time to time upload new entertaining pictures.

Since the public does not quite understand how to interpret all this, and the USGS also keeps silent about the forecasts. People are energetically discussing a private video: faults in the soil around the island, the flames of the burning night and so on.

Recent videos from the scene suggest that in Hawaii burns not methane, but SULFUR and sulfur compounds, which allows us to think that the situation with volcano is really very bad.

However, the most interesting news in this regard come from the continental United States, from Arizona:

Arizona Preparing For California Earthquake Evacuees

May 23, 2018

NEAR PHOENIX, AZ (CBSLA) — Californians aren’t the only ones getting ready for the big one.

Arizona is preparing for an influx of evacuees after the next major earthquake. We all know it’s coming but how ready are we and where would we go as disaster strikes?

As CBSLA’s Elsa Ramon reports, Arizona is holding practice runs just outside of Phoenix, preparing for 400,000 evacuees from California.

Deputy Director for FEMA Wendy Smith-Reeve says the training will last three-and-a-half days on the softball field at the National Guard base near Phoenix.

Smith-Reeve says the goal is to make sure all agencies can work together and to spot any potential problem areas.

“Where our systems are stressed, when it comes to sheltering, when it comes to feeding, when it comes to fuel because part of the scenario is the fuel line is compromised in Cailfornia which directly effects Arizona,” said Smith-Reeve.

Seismologist and author of “The Big Ones” Dr. Lucy Jones agrees infrastructure will be severely damaged when the big one hits Southern California and many won’t be ready.

“Historically we’ve seen damage to water systems being one of the most disruptive things that happens,” said Jones. “The estimate in shakeout was $50 billion in business disruption costs from lack of water because it is going to take up to six months to get it back.”

The Red Cross says it’s not just about providing evacuees a place to sleep but also getting them food, shelter and medical service. The Red Cross is one of more than a thousand agencies and organizations taking part in the drill.

“Part of this exercise is making sure our roads are ready. If there is a mass exodus from California, people would be using I-8 and I-10 to get here. So officials just want to make sure freeways are prepared,” said Katie Conner.

The drills will wrap up Thursday.

As you can see very interesting things happen in Arizona: they build tent camps for "earthquake refugees”:

The reception of refugees from natural disaster zones is a global practice. It consists in the fact that refugees are placed in hotels, schools, barracks, in extreme cases – in indoor stadiums.

However, according to seismologists, if the seismic shock epicenter of  9.0 is right in the city of Los Angeles (to San Francisco 600 miles), there will be earthquake no more than 6.0 and nothing really gets hurt. In that case hospitals and hotels will work. If it so, why put field towns all the way to Arizona?

But even more embarrassing is the declared figure: 400,000 people. That is 10% of California residents! It's too much for one state to host refugees. But there are Nevada and Oregon near California.Moreover there are Utah and Idaho relatively near. They could accept 100,000 in there. Or are they also preparing for half a million? 

The only logical explanation for such strange exercises is the quiet preparation for evacuation in case of a tsunami threatening California. That is, when you need to urgently evacuate Los Angeles and San Francisco, and everything in between. That's when you need tent towns, because the authorities will have 5-6 hours: to catch frightened residents and evacuate them somewhere to the protected by a mountain range desert.

But the question is what kind of tsunami could threaten California? Everyone knows the answer to this question today. It's called Kilauea volcano. If the island begins to collapse and 5 000 cubic miles of stones will collapse into the water-a wave of 30 meters high will come to California. And if the situation goes on a bad scenario, it could activated an another volcano, as a result, the wave could be up to 100 meters.

The USGS aware about this, so it is perfectly natural that FEMA conducts training aimed at the interaction of services.  Now, if FEMA will hold a similar exercise somewhere in Nevada, we can talk about how they're definitely preparing an evacuation of California.

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