Washington State Police are not allowed to use K9 team to track murder suspects
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Washington State Police are not allowed to use K9 team to track murder suspects


Washington State Police have been cut off from their duty due to a new directive regarding the rules for arresting suspects. According to the new law, police actions that could cause injury to a potential murderer, robber or rapist are now unacceptable.

The recent incident in which a young woman died in a parking lot in Puyallup clearly shows that officers are more afraid of upsetting a murder suspect than finding him.

The Pierce County Sheriff's Department said the K9 officer arrived at the scene at about the same time as the other police officers. Eyewitnesses to the shooting said they saw a man running and indicated the direction in which he was running.

The police decided not to use the dog to search for the suspect and to inspect the area on their own, without involving a service dog, as he could injure the suspect.

“Several people reported seeing a male in a black shirt and black pants running from the shooting and deputies checked the area to see if they could locate anyone matching the description,” the department said in a statement. “A K9 officer was on scene within minutes, but because probable cause had not been developed for a particular individual, they decided not to track for the possible suspect since they could not use force to detain him.”

Now you can expect a special forces squad to persuade a pedophile killer or the head of a drug cartel to surrender, instead of storming his house.

A person is innocent until proven guilty.

Image: Carl Wycoff / Flickr

Author: Usa Really