7-year-old Boy Almost Killed After Classmate Douses Him in Nail Polish Remover and Sets Him on Fire
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7-year-old Boy Almost Killed After Classmate Douses Him in Nail Polish Remover and Sets Him on Fire

Ashley Lyons

INDEPENDENCE, MO — August 13, 2018

The 8-year-old boy has distinguished himself in enormous savage violence towards his 7-years-old friend when he dumped flammable liquid on him and then lit him on fire with a candle at the apartment complex where they both live.

Julien Sandlin was immediately rushed to the Children’s Mercy Hospital and underwent surgery to salvage the skin on his face and arms. His mom Ashley Lyons told later that her son is still suffering from severe burns to his face and upper body.

The child's internal organs were also impacted and he may need skin grafts. There's also a possibility his lungs could collapse, his mother said. Doctors told her that it could take years for the skin to grow back and the skin pigment may be affected.

“It will take three to six months to find out if the lungs could still collapse, if we're going to have to do skin grafts,” the doctor explained.

“It’s a very painful process for him,” Lyons said. “There is a lot of anxiety. There is a lot of anger. There is a lot of confusion. He’s trying to maintain the best that he can, for a 7-year-old.”

According to Sandlin's mother, two boys played outside their Hawthorne Place apartment Monday when the incident occurred. One of them suddenly attacked Sandlin and "lit him on fire, on purpose."

The neighborhood was in near room doing my homework when he heard shouting, and then saw a fire. He ran out to Lyons' son with a wet towel to extinguish the fire. Lyons was not home at the time.

When she arrived, doctors told her the extent of Julien's injuries.

“The burns were so bad that they had to go in immediately and do surgery… they had to scrape his face and all of his skin,” Lyons said.

It is known that the complex has a high crime rate and despite a recent increase in law enforcement personnel around the area, crime has not subsided.

“There's no safety boundaries, there's no inspections, there's no doing what they're supposed to be doing for HUD regulations,” she said.

"There is nothing from this isolated incident that I believe is indicative of crime in the apartment complex," Independence Police spokesman John Syme said. "IPD has two officers assigned full-time to work in the Hawthorne Place Apartments and additional officers are assigned to the complex during other hours when those two officers are not there (7 days a week coverage).

According to the police report, this incident was "socially isolated" and the officers assigned to patrol the complex have "definitely seen a reduction in crime and calls for service."

Managers of Hawthorne Place said they were not previously aware of the incident until media reports came out. A police investigation is ongoing.

Lyons started a GoFundMe to help with medical costs and a recovery plan once Sandlin is discharged. She said also that the family is going to move out of the apartment complex.

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