NASA seeks volunteers to spend 1 year in conditions similar to Mars
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NASA seeks volunteers to spend 1 year in conditions similar to Mars


Elon Musk's dreams of a trip to the red planet have already resonated with NASA and the department has begun a search for people who are ready to spend a year in complete isolation and in conditions similar to living conditions on Mars.

This simulation will help scientists collect data on the psychological difficulties of people who will go forever to another planet and anticipate all possible difficulties and unforeseen situations that may arise at a distance of 56 million kilometers from Earth.

"Simulations on Earth will help us understand and counter the physical and mental challenges astronauts will face before they go," Grace Douglas, the lead scientist for NASA's Advanced Food Technology research effort at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston says.

NASA is looking for four crew members who will live and work for a year in a 3D-printed, 1,700-square-foot module called Mars Dune Alpha, based at NASA's Johnson Space Center. According to NASA, the crew might perform tasks, such as simulated spacewalks, using virtual reality and robotic controls, exchanging communications and conducting other research, KUOW reports.

Previously, similar experiments have already been carried out in Russia. In particular, the Mars-500 experiment, conducted under the auspices of Roscosmos and the Russian Academy of Sciences, began in 2007 and ended in 2011.

This project involved 6 crew members. The essence of the experiment was to simulate the flight to Mars itself and the subsequent return to Earth. In total, the subjects spent 520 days in a confined space.

Image: Billy Brown / Flickr

Author: Usa Really