The Largest Outage In Las Vegas Valley History Leaves 63,000 People Without Power
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The Largest Outage In Las Vegas Valley History Leaves 63,000 People Without Power


LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – August 13, 2018

A massive storm blew into the Las Vegas valley on Saturday night, with massive wind gusts causing extensive damage.

The storm is causing extremely low visibility, flying debris and thousands of power outages.

Saturday night at around 9:00 p.m., NV Energy reported that over 50,000 people were without power across Southern Nevada.

Downed power lines left thousands of people in the dark. Crews are now hard at work cleaning up, in what some are calling our worst monsoon season yet.

"It was coming from all directions," said Carol Green, who lives near Bruce and Fremont streets.

Green saw the devastation caused by the massive wind gusts.

"One power line went down, smashed," Green said. "Then the next power line went down. Another crash, bang, boom. Metal was flying everywhere. It was unbelievable."

Power lines are now cracked, barely standing upright, one pole in a nearby alley is ripped to shreds with the mires strung out all over. A nearby shed also blew into the power lines. This kind of damage led to widespread outages.

"We're without power, I have a dog, and I got to keep him wet in the bathtub, and all our food's spoiled, and it's rough," said Las Vegas resident Brenda Moore.

NV Energy crews say Saturday night's storms, coupled with the monsoon weather we have seen lately, are among the worst they have ever seen in the Valley.

"Right now, this is the third major storm we've had in six weeks time," said Kevin Geraghty, Senior Vice President of Operations for NV Energy. "I work with people who have been here their entire lives, and nobody's ever seen this kind of storm activity, these kinds of explosive storms in a six-week period."

At one point this weekend, around 63,000 people were without power. NV Energy said that this is likely their largest outage to date. Crews are now working around the clock, either repairing or replacing the damaged power poles.


"We will be continuing to work on outage and restoration for some customers, that could be 24, 48 hours from right now," Geraghty said.

And people, like Green, who live in the affected areas are crossing their fingers for a quick clean up.

"I hope so, I hope so," Green said.

Yesterday evening there were still 8058 customers without power, Las Vegas Now Channel 8 reports. Today 956 customers are without power, according to NV Energy. Crews will continue their work until all the power is restored. If you require transportation to a shelter please call NV Energy at 702 - 402 - 5555.

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