CIA director hopes to negotiate with the Taliban: First face-to-face meeting
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CIA director hopes to negotiate with the Taliban: First face-to-face meeting


Central Intelligence Agency Director William Burns, who went to Afghanistan to negotiate with the Taliban terrorist group, has been in office for less than 6 months and is "cannon fodder" in resolving the Afghan crisis.

Since Ronald Reagan in 1980 for the next 40 years, every new US leader has shouted out loud "We don't negotiate with terrorists" and what are we seeing now? The Americans escaped with their tail between their legs and send the country's chief spy to appease the Taliban.

Since 2002, when George W. Bush Jr. declared the Taliban a terrorist organization, the production and supply of opioids skyrocketed all over the world and it is no secret that then the US army, together with the CIA, controlled the entire drug traffic.

At the dawn of the recent revolution and coup d'état in Afghanistan, the Taliban leader, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, teamed up with the Chinese government, meeting with him 2 weeks before taking power in Afghanistan.

Now, CIA Director Burns has been tasked with explaining to the Taliban that the American weapons left for them are a bribe for which they should be grateful to the United States.

Despite the Taliban’s statements about a complete cessation of drug production, experts from all over the world say that their economy cannot be deprived of its only source of income, since there is nothing else in the country.

The meeting between Burns and Baradar was of a secret nature and the details of the negotiations were naturally not disclosed, but later the CIA may release a vague report that no sane person would believe.

Author: Usa Really