The Dark Side of Miami
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The Dark Side of Miami

USA Really

MIAMI — August 14, 2018

The problem of homelessness, and the marginalization of the homeless, is a long-standing one in the US.

According to the latest research conducted by the Department of Housing and Urban Development of the US in 2017, the number of the Americans living on the street has exceeded 550,000 which is equal to 0.17% of the population. At the same time, informal data, places the actual figure at no less than three million people. Whichever data one relies on, the fact that the number of the homeless grows annually in the US is indisputable.

The growth of this number is influenced by several factors.

First of all, it is inaccessibility of housing, including – lack of a legislative opportunity to build cheap houses.

Second, it is the reform of a health care system which has forced psychiatric clinics (important to mention, the considerable percent of the homeless is made by people with mental problems) to transfer "wards" over to public institutions not capable of supporting them.

Thirdly, it is illegal immigration that especially strongly "beats" boundary states, such as Texas and Florida.

Eventually, it is natural disasters - this is a particularly important factor in the states which were affected by wildfires this year: California, Oregon and Montana.  However, as USA Really already reported, Californian San Francisco is the city, where this problem has always been really serious.

Correspondents of USA Really news agency have visited one of the most unsuccessful states of the US from this point of view, Florida, where they managed to talk  to one of the residents of local slums, Philip, who has been living in the street more than 10 years.

“Most of the people here actually had homes, but we now also have issues, — he says. — Some of us do better due to welfare and live more extravagant, it depends on where you come from. Like, I’ve got a couch and a mattress, we also try to self-medicate our issues…”.

The life of a homeless American is really tough, and it seems like the Government has completely forgotten about the mere existence of these people.

Homeless people often get criminal records, get injured and have to fight for their lives. Philip showed the correspondents the scar that was given to him by another homeless man. The reason was really childish: the offender thought Philip wanted to have an affair with his girl, who was a prostitute anyway.

Philip says one of the key reasons for poverty in Miami, and statewide across Florida,  is social inequality:

“The cost of living here is really high, and also you have to be in the right network of people to make some money. And, you know, we never come into contact with those (rich) people, but sure they – see us”.

Despite living in really harsh conditions, Philip considers himself a patriot and praises President Trump:

“I know you have a plan to get us out of the debt, I know you have a team that you put together, and I do see it come to for wishing…I just hope you put right people in line, and God puts right people in line”

You can check out the full video of the interview with Philip about his life conditions below.

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Author: USA Really