Rutgers University Suspends Unvaccinated Student From Online Classes
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Rutgers University Suspends Unvaccinated Student From Online Classes


Compulsory vaccination endows any manager of a social institution with some kind of superpower and allows him to decide the fate of people.

A new incident of the totalitarian US took place at Rutgers University. The student, identified as 22-year-old Logan Hollar, was cut off from his studies due to his lack of vaccinated status, although he has never been on campus and did not intend to, due to the possibility of distance learning.

But the university felt that they were allowed to manipulate the bodies of their students and force them to receive the vaccine under threat of expulsion from the university.

“I’ll probably have to transfer to a different university,” Hollar told, saying he knows of at least one other student in the same position. I find it concerning for the vaccine to be pushed by the university rather than my doctor.”

According to Hollar, he learned that he was denied attendance at online classes when he tried to pay for tuition again. His Rutgers email and related accounts were blocked under the pretext of being vaccinated.

Image: / Metallurgist / Public Domain

Author: Usa Really