Three Rivers Pass Flood Stage After Heavy Rains in Delaware
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Three Rivers Pass Flood Stage After Heavy Rains in Delaware

National Weather Service

NEWARK, DE – August 14, 2018

The Christina River passed its 11-foot flood stage around Cooch's Bridge after heavy rains Monday morning. White Clay Creek passed its 13-foot flood stage around Newark. The river was running around 14.1 ft. around 11 a.m., according to the National Weather Service. White Clay Creek passed their minor flood stages, sustaining damage due to the heavy rain – closing park roads and canceling events.

As a result, White Clay Creek State Park's day camp has been cancelled for the week since Chambers Rock Road parking lot is closed until further notice.

The state Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control's Division of Parks and Recreation also said Creek Road, north of Hopkins Road, is closed due to the bridge moving off its abutments.

The road leads to the park's Nature Center, which will also remain closed. Park officials ask people who see issues to report them to the park office at 302-368-6900.

The Christina River reached 12 ft. around 11:30 A.M, according to the National Weather Service.

NWS said 12 ft. Christina River flooding can cause road closures and flooded homes.

Red Clay Creek also surpassed its 7-foot flood stage. It's expected to reach 8.5 feet, then recede, according to NWS.

Red Clay Creek was nearing its flood stage of 7 feet around 8:45 a.m., NWS said. The gauges there said the river was running at about 5.7 feet.

The morning's heavy rains have since moved out of the rivers' watersheds, according to NWS meteorologist Alex Staarmann. Runoff could continue to swell the rivers, but once they reach a peak and the water is washed away, Staarmann said the rivers will recede.

More rain is expected across the region Tuesday, but Staarmann said storms are likely to move faster than they did Monday morning, meaning less concentration of rainfall. There is still a chance of heavy rain and flash flooding Tuesday, Staarmann said.

For updates tune in to NOAA Weather Radio.

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