5 people including 3 children burned alive in Ohio
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5 people including 3 children burned alive in Ohio


A house in northern Ohio burst into flames and swallowed up the lives of five people in minutes, including three minors.

The incident took place early this morning in Akron. According to information from the Fire Department, four victims of the fire were hospitalized in critical condition, but later died.

The three Akron students who died attended different city schools -- one at an elementary building, another at a middle school and the third in high school, district spokesperson Mark Williamson confirmed in an email to AP.

At the moment, the services are investigating the incident and finding out the reasons for the fire in the house.

Akron Public Schools Superintendent Christine Fowler-Mack said grief counselors were mobilized as needed.

“We cannot express our shared grief, in words,” Fowler-Mack said in an emailed statement. “Our best efforts now are focused on connecting with our students and staff who will be affected by this.”


Author: Usa Really