Oregon Town Suffering From Water Emergency
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Oregon Town Suffering From Water Emergency

Haraz N. Ghanbari

PRAIRIE CITY – August 15, 2018

Emergency restrictions have been implemented in the state of Oregon, as Prairie City suffers from a seasonal drought.

Prairie City Mayor Jim Hamsher told The Eagle that he wants to use available water tenders to build up the city reservoir level now before a wildfire comes to Grant County and ties them all up.

The city declared a water emergency Aug. 6, as demand exceeded supply from the city’s two pumps and the reservoir dropped to a foot and a half. Output from the infiltration galleries on Dixie Creek, which reached 200 gallons per minute in August 2005, had dropped to about 15-20 gpm as the creek dried up and all but stopped running, Hamsher said.

Two water tenders from the Grant County Road Department went into operation Aug. 12 transporting water from John Day to Prairie City, Roadmaster Allan Hickerson said. There’s no cost to the city because it’s an emergency, he added.

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