Video shows a man creepily stalks and harasses a woman in a Target store over not wearing a face mask
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Video shows a man creepily stalks and harasses a woman in a Target store over not wearing a face mask


A new video that can go viral shows a creepy man stalking a woman around a Target store because she is not wearing a mask.

A man wearing a COVID-19 vaccination pin was caught on camera inside the Target store in Washington. The man does not look like an average customer, he does not carrying a shopping cart and it doesn’t look like he is buying anything.

"You're not going to follow me around in the store and point at me to people," the woman states as the video begins.

The man then mentions that wearing a face mask is a "state regulation."

"It's not a law. You're an idiot," the woman says, and she walks away but he follows.

According to the requirement by the Washington Department of Health, "everyone five years of age and older wear a mask in public indoor settings and at large, outdoor events with 500 or more attendees, including sporting events, fairs, parades, and concerts, regardless of vaccination status."

At one point other women in the store back up the harassed woman. One told the man to “leave her alone,” while another one says, "you got your mask on; you're safe. I'm sure you're vaccinated too."

The man then says that everybody should shame the woman because she is not wearing a face mask.

"It's all of our job as a community to come together and make sure that people are shamed when they put the rest of us at risk," the man said in the video that has over 3 million views on various social media platforms, including TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube.

The creep didn’t stop following the woman even after she complained about him to a store security guard. He stalked her up to the register but he was not having any items to purchase with him.

"You're making a bad decision. You're a bad're a bad person for doing this," the man tells the woman.

"You're putting the community at risk, you're a terrible person," the moron continues even after another woman mentions that getting vaccinated or not is a personal choice. The man also tells the security they should to escort the maskless woman out of the store.

However, the security ends up talking to the man himself instead. This is where the video ends.

Author: Usa Really