Indictment of Democrat lawyer who lied to the FBI proves that the "Russiagate" scandal was created by Hillary Clinton Campaign
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Indictment of Democrat lawyer who lied to the FBI proves that the "Russiagate" scandal was created by Hillary Clinton Campaign


Federal Prosecutor John Durham was indicted on Thursday which proves that the entire Russiagate process was fabricated by then president candidate Hillary Clinton.

Durham was tasked to investigate lawyer Michael Sussmann and his false statements over suspicions of a link between the Trump Organization and Kremlin-connected Alfa Bank. The further investigation by the FBI didn’t reveal any connections between Trump Organization and Moscow.

Sussmann was charged with making a false statement to the FBI. He told the agency that he didn’t act on behalf of an unnamed client, even though he represented an internet company, a tech executive, and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. But his company, Perkins Coie, however, worked on Russian Alfa Bank to Hillary Clinton.

The indictment says, Sussmann was “coordinating” with the Clinton campaign in representing the false claim that the Trump Organization had been using a server of the Russian Alfa Bank as a secret communication channel to the FBI and fan it as a “scandal” on the media.

The Clinton campaign paid Perkins Coie to support Trump-Russian conspiracy.

During the investigation, which lasted almost for two years, the FBI discovered that email servers in question was run by an advertising agency that sent out promotional emails for Trump’s businesses.

Clinton and Democratic National Committee also failed to prove the allegations that it was Russia that stood behind 2016 hack of its computers.

According to Russia Today, Perkins Coie is mentioned in the indictment only as “Law Firm-1.” General counsel to Clinton’s 2016 campaign, Marc Elias, reportedly served as the conduit to funnel Democratic National Committee funds to former British spy Christopher Steele, who was one of the key whistleblowers of Trump’s alleged connections to Russia.

Steele, used by the FBI to spy on Trump first as a candidate and then as a president, never succeeded in proving his allegations and false claims. Later it emerged that Steele’s sources were paid to fabricate the whole thing.

Team Obama were also involved in turning the Trump-Russia “gossip” into a solid case, CIA Chief John Brennan was one of the team who had swollen the gossip.

Durham was assigned in May 2019, by then-attorney general William Barr, to investigate ‘Crossfire Hurricane’, the FBI’s 2016 probe of Trump. He was made special counsel in December 2020, to ensure his probe would continue after Democrats took over the White House. 

Author: Usa Really