Video shows: a woman kicked off Alaska Airlines flight for wearing a Trump face mask
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Video shows: a woman kicked off Alaska Airlines flight for wearing a Trump face mask


A woman was kicked off a plane because she was wearing a Trump face mask, a video shows.

Freedom, you say?

The incident took place onboard of Alaska Airlines Flight on June 24. The footage made by passenger Sara Gamache herself shows a flight attendant confronts her over her Trump face mask. She posted the video on TikTok and Instagram.

It all started when the passenger was asked to change her face mask with “Trump 2020” and “F**k your feelings” written on it, which she did but only after the Airline employee asked her to do so for the second time.

But even after that the flight attendants returned and told her that the pilots wanted her to be removed from the flight.

"Because they don't feel comfortable with you on the aircraft," the flight attendant says when Gamache asks on what conditions. 

The flight attendant is also seen calling someone off the plane saying “the passenger is refusing to come off and she is filming me.”

“Yes I will film you because this is ridiculous," Ms Gamache says, before ending the video.

In her Instagram post, the woman wrote that the Airline staff bullied her because of the Trump mask.

"I have worn this same mask on several Alaska Flights with no issue so I was genuinely confused and asked to see the policy.

The woman’s husband was kicked off the plane too.

"However, they said they couldn’t find the policy and that the plane needed to take off," she wrote.

Gamache also claims that the flight attendant mocked her when she was leaving the plane saying, “how does it feel to be humiliated?” 


Author: Usa Really