Father Arrested in Arizona for Defending His Daughter
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Father Arrested in Arizona for Defending His Daughter

Phoenix PD

PHOENIX, ARIZONA — August 15, 2018

A Phoenix man is accused of fatally beating a man who tried to enter a bathroom stall that was occupied by his teenage daughter.

Phoenix police say 40-year-old Melvin Harris is jailed with bond set at $100,000 on suspicion of second-degree murder.

According to the police, Harris drove to a convenience store to pick up his daughter and her friends where he was informed that a man tried to enter the bathroom stall his daughter was using.

The man left the store and was pointed out to Harris, who punched him in the face and then allegedly kicked and stomped on him.

The unidentified victim was taken to the hospital with a broken nose and brain injuries. He died later.

Efforts to discover further details regarding to the case have been unsuccessful. Who was this man who tried to enter the girl's bathroom stall? Their are different versions of the story emerging, ranging from ordinary perversion to the idea that the person was transgendered and simply checking to see if stall was occupied. Nonetheless the vast majority of commentators have voiced support for Harris, saying he is just a man who was trying to take care of his family,  and believe that he did the right thing beating up this moron. If he is guilty of anything, it is misjudging the strength of his punch. “I hate to hear the perp died but he got what he deserved,” is among the most popular comments on the story. Let's hope that the court will establish the truth and determine a fair punishment.

Author: USA Really