Bear Walks Into a Liquor Store in Connecticut
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Bear Walks Into a Liquor Store in Connecticut

Twitter/Crazy Bruces Liquors

BRISTOL, Conn. – August 16, 2018

A bear has been caught on camera as it took a stroll into a Connecticut liquor store.

The mid-sized creature lumbered across a car park in the town of Bristol on August 13, getting close enough to the entrance of Crazy Bruce's Liquors to trigger a sensor that automatically opened an outer door.

Making its way in, the bear then walked around the shop while an employee locked an inner door. One unassuming customer also walked in, prompting an employee to unlock the inner door and usher him in to safety.

“Around 2:20 I saw what I thought was a large dog run down the side of the store,” said employee Daniel Thibodeau who saw the whole thing unfold. "Walked into the foyer, stood around for about 15-20 seconds. We had locked the doors, locked him inside,” FOX61 reports.

"Fortunately we had some quick responding employees who locked the doors," the management for the shop commented on Twitter. "The bear found its way out through the automatic door. Thankfully, no one was hurt!"

"We are still trying to figure out the liquor laws for bears," they added, "I think we are still in shock!'

The bear eventually worked out how to leave, and the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection was notified.

According to the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, there were 153 reported bear sightings in Bristol in the last year.

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