Being “Fake News” Is Bad for Ratings
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Being “Fake News” Is Bad for Ratings


WASHINGTON, DC – August 16, 2018
The American people are sick and tired of fake news channels like CNN, and prefer to turn on Nickelodeon, the History channel or Discovery than to watch Anderson Cooper and company.

According to the latest Nielsen Media Research television ratings, between Aug. 6 and Aug. 12, 2018, Fox News averaged 2.18 million primetime viewers. MSNBC was a distant second with 1.75 million primetime viewers.

Among their top cable news competitors, CNN was humiliated by Fox News and, to a lesser extent, MSNBC.

CNN was seventh among cable news providers, averaging just 992,000 primetime viewers during the week. That’s less than HGTV, USA Network, and TBS Network.

CNN’s primetime lineup couldn’t even compete with History Channel shows like “Ancient Aliens” — which explores entertaining conspiracy theories and other bizarre things that people with even a moderate education or capacity for logical thinking would not be able to tolerate. Nevertheless more Americans believe that authors of that programs, regardless of what they are smoking, are more trustworthy than Anderson Cooper or Chris Cuomo.

It’s not just primetime ratings that indicate CNN's waning popularity.

According to The Daily Caller, CNN finished 6th in total daily viewers as well. Besides MSNBC and Fox News, CNN also gets less attention than kids shows on Nickelodeon and reruns on the network Investigation Discovery.

It seems that attacks against President Donald Trump and his supporters since the 2016 presidential election have resulted in a serious dip in reputation for the mainstream media. CNN and others are considered so biased by the American people that they will likely not soon recover from the stigma of being fake news... and being “fake news”, as it turns out, just isn’t very good for ratings.

Author: USA Really