Gas prices hit a seven-year high
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Gas prices hit a seven-year high


A record rise in gasoline prices was recorded this week. Based on the analysis of prices from more than 150 thousand gas stations throughout the country, it becomes clear that the US government cannot keep the oil market stable.

The current average price per gallon is $ 3.25. At the same time, only eight out of 50 states, including Oklahoma, Mississippi, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Kansas, Alabama and Missouri, kept the price threshold below the $ 3 mark.

Analysts associate the rapid rise in prices for oil and oil products with the launch of Nord Stream 2 and the failure of the Biden administration in the international oil production market.

Europe is facing an economic crisis, because the economic sanctions imposed by them against Russia lead to an incredible and even uncontrollable rise in gas and oil prices, while having a single monopoly supplier in the person of the United States.

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Author: Usa Really