Motorcycle Fatalities Increased in Nevada, New Fatal Crash Report Released
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Motorcycle Fatalities Increased in Nevada, New Fatal Crash Report Released

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NEVADA — August 17, 2018

A fatal crash report released for last month shows that fatalities here in Nevada are on the decline in areas, but others, like motorcycle and passenger fatalities, are seeing an increase.

Motorcycle fatalities increased from two to four when compared to this time last year. With the increase in motorcycle presence next month for street vibrations, drivers should keep an eye and an ear out for cyclists.

"The rider is very vulnerable on a motorcycle because they are exposed to all of the elements, not just traffic and other vehicles, but some type of debris in the road, something that happens very quickly and they can't maneuver around it," said Trooper Matt McLaughlin, Public Information Officer for the Nevada Highway Patrol.

"When you have a big group of motorcycles, one or two or you have 10, 20, 30 bikes riding together, that can be very dangerous because it becomes a chain reaction,” McLaughlin added.

The other area that increased was passenger fatalities from 95 to 109, and NHP says that is largely due to non-compliance when it comes to seat belt laws, and wants to remind the public that even passengers can get a ticket for not wearing a seat belt.

Pedestrian fatalities in the silver state have actually gone down from 50 to 40, and NHP credits that to a number of things from increased lighting around cross walks to enforcement of pedestrian laws including plane clothed officers crossing the road in cross walks.

"A large amount of citations were issued to drivers that didn't yield to the pedestrian, those type of operations are very common, we do those on a regular basis."

So far this year, Nevada has seen 186 fatalities on the roadways, with 23 of them in Washoe County, KTVN 2 News reported.

30% of all traffic fatalities in Nevada are alcohol-related. In the 31 days of July, Nevada had 27 fatalities on roadways. Please Always Buckle Up, Don't Drive Impaired, Focus on the Road, Stop on Red, Be Pedestrian Safe, and Ride Safe, Nevada DOT reminds.

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