The Air in Oregon Is Unhealthy for “Special Groups”
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The Air in Oregon Is Unhealthy for “Special Groups”

Oregon DEQ

PORTLAND – August 17, 2018

The quality of air in the state of Oregon has improved, but it’s still dangerous for “special groups” of people, local media reports.

The Air Quality Index for Portland registered at 105 as of 5 a.m., still potentially hazardous for older residents, people with respiratory conditions and children, whose lungs are still developing.

While that number is a marked improvement over the past few days, in which the index was above 160, officials recommend anyone in the affected groups limit their time outside and avoid physical exertion.

Around the region, poor air quality remained, especially in Southern Oregon. In Grants Pass, the index for Thursday morning was at 151. Medford and Klamath Falls both had indexes near 185. Ashland, sporting the worst air quality in the state as of Thursday morning, had an index near 200. All of those indicating air quality that is unhealthy for everyone.

For Portland, the brownish hue to the skies is expected to further dissipate throughout Thursday with significant clearing by Friday, according to the National Weather Service.

The issue of air has become especially important for Oregon and its neighboring states this year, since severe wildfires have been registered in the region.

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