The Police Found Bodies Believed to Be 2 Young Daughters After Their Father Was Arrested
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The Police Found Bodies Believed to Be 2 Young Daughters After Their Father Was Arrested


DENVER, COLORADO — August 17, 2018

According to the official's data, Chris Watts, 33, was taken into custody Wednesday in connection with the killing of his pregnant wife, Shanann Watts, and two young daughters, Celeste, 3, and Bella, 4, were reported missing Monday by a family friend about 35 miles north of Denver.

Before that, the man came to the TV program spoke about the missing children.

"When I came home and then walked in the house, nothing. Vanished. Nothing was here," he said with honest eyes. "My kids are my life. I mean, those smiles light up my life."

When the investigation was started, evidence technicians from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and the Frederick Police Department announced they discovered two bodies "in close proximity" to the body that investigators "strongly believe" is Shanann Watts'.

"There is a lot at stake here and we are exploring all avenues," Frederick said during the investigation. "We are working around the clock on this case and will not rest until we have the answers we are looking for."

A body believed to be Shanann Watts has been recovered, officials said Thursday.

Authorities have a "strong reason to believe" that the two bodies found are Celeste and Bella, officials added. Prosecutors said in court they believe the victims were killed in the family’s home.

Watts was charged on three counts each of first-degree murder and tampering with physical evidence. He is being held without bond and is set to return to court on Tuesday. Watts did not enter a plea.

"I'm pissed, raged, miserable," Shanann Watts' brother, Frankie Rzucek said. "May Satan have mercy on his soul."

"I just want to know why," he wrote on Facebook. "My precious family my one and only sibling, my sister Shanann, 2 adorable nieces Bella and Celeste and her soon to be found out unborn son Niko."

Family friends who stood by the husband said they were shocked to hear of his arrest.

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