A Man in Kentucky Has Been Indicted for Rape He Commited in 1980’s
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A Man in Kentucky Has Been Indicted for Rape He Commited in 1980’s


FRANKFORT – August 17, 2018

A resident of Indiana has been indicted by the police for the crime he committed almost thirty years ago in Union County in Kentucky, local media reports.

The charges come after a nine-month investigation, according to Kentucky State Police's Corey King, spokesman for KSP Post 16 in Henderson.

The following information is from the KSP news release:

"In November of 2017, Kentucky State Police detectives began an investigation into rape and sexual abuse allegations which happened in Union County, Kentucky.  The crime was brought to the attention of KSP detectives by the victim, who was approximately 8 years old when the abuse began. 

"After a 9-month-long investigation and working jointly with Indiana State Police detectives, enough evidence was compiled against the suspect to present to the Union County Grand Jury on August 07, 2018. 

"The Grand Jury returned an indictment against Roger D. Dailey, 66 of Owensville, Indiana (Gibson County).  An indictment warrant was issued against Dailey for: Rape 1st degree, victim under 12 (Class A felony), and Sexual Abuse 1st degree, victim under 12 (Class C Felony). 

Dailey was arrested by Indiana State Police troopers on August 13, 2018 and lodged in the Gibson County jail. Dailey is awaiting to be extradited back to Kentucky."

Author: USA Really